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Steppin'Up offers all levels of classes for those interested in exploring the fast growing sport of dog agility. Come and join the fun sport of agility and learn how to build a gratifying relationship with your dog, at the same time. Knowledge and fun come together at Steppin'Up in a beautiful training environment!

Stay With Me Class

This is an eight week class designed to get your dog to work with you! Are you tired of walking into the ring with a dog that thinks he is on vacation! Does your dog either take off, shut down, or stress out when you are at a show? Do you wonder if your dog will be a part of your team, or will he suddenly leave you, either physically or mentally? Whether you are showing in the obedience or agility ring, or you just want to be able to take your dog with you anywhere, this is the class for you. You will teach your dog that staying with you both physically and mentally is not an option. Your dog will understand that he must "stay with you", and that when he does "stay with you" all good things happen! When you are through with this class your relationship with your dog will greatly improve. So quit being unsuccessful in the ring or embarrassed in public with your dog's behavior and take control! The "stay with me" class will be the best thing you do for you and your dog!

Fee: $160 for 8 week session


Attention Games For Agility

This is a eight week class that is a must for any dog or puppy that wants to get the best start on the road to an agility career. Whether you are highly competitive or not this is the class for you. You will end up with a dog that wants to play, chase, and pay attention to you. Your dog will learn all the handling skills he needs to build a wonderful working relationship with you. Your dog will learn the following commands, come to either the right or left side, turn away from you, go straight ahead, come in to you, get out away from you, circle you both right and left, table count game, start line game, and much more. This class is guaranteed to be both fun and informative!

Fee:$160 for an 8 week session


Beginner Standard: One and Two

Each of these is a six week session set up to introduce your dog or puppy to all of the contact equipment. Learn to do the contacts correctly, right from the start. You will learn the dog walk, A-frame, seesaw, tunnels, weaves, table, and chute. All agility classes are both fun and informative. You and your dog will get the best foundation as you start on your agility career. Do not miss the opportunity to have fun with your canine partner.

$120 for 6 weeks


Distance Skills Class: One and Two
These classes are each six weeks long.

Skills One is geared to help you master both front and rear crosses. You will learn how to treadle between jumps, how to do a beautiful serpentine, 180 and 270 degree turns. Teach your dog how to "get out," push and to "come in" pull to you. You will learn all these skills and much more.

$120 for 6 weeks

Skills Two will pick up from what you have already learned in skills one and will teach your dog to work at a distance. This is perfect for those of you who have a Velcro dog or for any handler that wants or needs their dog to work away from them. You must take Skills One first as what you have learned in that class will enable you to learn more advanced skills needed in distance work. Have you ever seen those handlers who have dogs that work away from their handlers and wondered how they do that? This class will teach you how they do that!

$120 for 6 weeks


Intermediate Class

In this class you will begin doing sequences and learning all the skills you need to get ready for the show. Front crosses rear crosses, go on, and get out skills you learned in the attention games class are applied to the equipment in sequences. You and your dog will learn to become a team! You will begin to learn how to walk courses and how to run them! This class will get you ready for the advanced class.

$120 for 6 weeks


Advanced Class

This is a on going class for those handlers who are proficient on all the agility equipment. In this class handlers run anything from difficult sequences to whole courses. Each week skills are worked in an atmosphere of fun and learning. Handlers get a chance to run courses in a space much similar to the ring. This allows you to train like you show. You will run standard and jumpers courses. You can bet you and your dog will go home tired and happy!

$120 for 6 week sessions


General Information:

All classes at Steppin'Up have no more than 8 to 10 dog handler teams, this allows each student to get lots of attention and makes great progress!