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Steppin'Up would like to congratulate the following students on their Success! I am so proud of each of you! Terri

2005 New Titles

Terri & Striker New "MACH" Title!

Terri & Zap New "MACH" Title!

Margaret Farone & Rosie New "MACH Title!

(The pure joy of making a dream come true!)

Terri & Sonic New "NA, NJW, OA Titles"!


MaryEllen Levielle & Pumpkin new "AXJ Title"!

MaryEllen Levielle & Fox new "AXJ Title"!

Betty McAdams & Emmy New "NA Title"!

Kelsie Kahn & Taffy New NA, NAJ Titles"!

Judy Murphy & Nickee New "NA. NAJ Titles'!

Lynn Horrigan & Christa New MX, MXJ Titles!!

Ski Lemanski & Annie New "OAJ Title"!

Sharon Pica & Breaker New "OAJ, & AX Titles" !

Cheryl Bailey & Taylor New "MXJ Title"!

Beth Szczygiel & Aspen New "OAJ Title"!

Margaret Farone & Toby New "AX, MXJ Titles"!

Catie Williams & Bella New "MX, MXJ, MAD, JM, EGC, & EJC Titles"! WOW!!!

Catie Williams & Jett New "MX, MXJ, AAD Titles"!

Catie Williams & Zip New "NA & OAJ Titles"!

Catie Williams & Flirt New "NAJ Title"!

Paula Bettencourt & Rudy New "NAJ Title"!

Kris Helve-Thober & Puzzel New " AX, AXJ Titles"!


2004 New Titles

Judy Murphy & Nickee "NAP NJP Titles"!

Please note: Judy is "80" years old and Nickee is her first agility dog! Thank God there is hope for all of us! God Bless you Judy, you are an inspiration!

Fran Boyle and Dilly "NA" Title!

Fran Boyle and Cammie "NJP" Title!

Cheryl Bailey & Taylor "OA, OAJ, AX, & AXJ Titles"!

Linda Baillargeon & Surfer "OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ Titles"!

Sue Walas & Jena "OA, NJW, Titles"!

Linda Baillargeon & Ribbon " MX, OAJ Titles"!

MaryEllen Leveille & Fox "OA, OAJ Titles"!

Meg McCarthy & Flame "MX and MXJ" Titles!

Ski Lemanski & Annie " NA, NAJ Titles"!

Betty Mc Adams & Chase "OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ Titles"!

Lynn Horrigan & Christa "AX, AXJ Titles"!

Lise Merrifield & Busy " MX & MXJ Titles!

Donna Benoit & Zap " MXJ" Title!

Tammy Mahan & Dasher "NAC,NJC,NGC,CL1R

Boots Gibson & Maggie "AX Title"!

Boots Gibson & Coey "OAP, OAJ, AXP Titles"!

Sharon Pica & Breaker "OA, OAJ" Titles

Kathy Joffe & Spenser "OA, OAJ AX" Titles!

Deb Carlson & Hawke "AX" and " OAJ" Title!

Deb Carlson & Spirit "AX and AXJ" Title!

Deb Carlson & Allie "NAP, NJP" Titles

Darlene Branchard & Hannah "NA Title"!

Michelle Shoemaker & Gordon "OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ MX Titles'!

Paula Bettencourt & Casey "NJW Title"!

Linda Brennan & Spy "NA, NJ,OA, & OAJ Titles

Linda Brennan & Maddie "MX, MXJ Titles"!

Pam Shattuck & Kirby "New NA, NAJ Titles"!

Beth Szczygiel & Aspen New "NA, NAJ Title"!


Terri Arnold & Zap "MX MXJ Titles"!!

John Nys & Casey "MACH 2 Title"!

Mark Caron & Zoey "NA, NJW, OA, & OJ Titles"!

Heather Donnelly & Scully "NA & NJW Titles!

Deb Lazaro & Riot

Kris Travis & Kaylee " AX & AXJ Titles"!

Kathy Walker & Blake " NA Title"!

Betsy Scapicchio & Jinx

Betsy Scapicchio & Neo

Ann Timson & Fuzzy "AX, AXJ Titles"!

Ann Timson & Harry "MX, MXJ Titles"!

Ann Timson & Toby "NA,NJW Titles"!

Lynn Dowall & Shotsie

Karen Hollander & Annie

Steppin'Up would like to thank the following photographers for the beautiful pictures used throughtout this website.

Karen Hocker

Kenneth Reed

Spot Shots

John Spivey

Tien Tien