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When it comes to establishing extraordinary relationships with dogs, Terri Arnold stands apart from all others. Dog obedience enthusiasts know that Terri's own dogs are a living testimony to her exceptional canine communication skills. Dog show rings are thick with spectators when she enters; her performances are a blend of precision, artistic expression, and lots of attitude. But most importantly, Terri's students continually demonstrate that her true gift is the ability to guide them to exceptional relationships with their own dogs - resulting in countless titles, top scores and national awards.

Put quite frankly, those utilizing Terri Arnold's training theories and methods dominate the obedience ring, and that's no accident. Terri's own students include a wide variety of dog enthusiasts; from professional trainers with their own training schools, to students who want to reach their own personal goals. More recently, agility enthusiasts have been seeking Terri's instruction in an effort to master split-second control, while increasing speed, enthusiasm and visual accuracy. And while Terri sees many of the popular dog-sport breeds (Border Collies and Golden Retrievers), she relishes those moments when she is able to have a student bring out the joyous personality of a previously unresponsive partner . Often, Terri and a new student focus on "damage control;" undoing what might have been years of counterproductive training to uncover the "real" dog and allowing them to shine brightly. Many of her top students have traveled this path. Terri strives to inspire all those competing with dogs regardless of their level of expertise or goals. Her viewpoint is exhilarating; those who know her say it's also exhausting!

Her own competition dogs have included an Irish Setter, a Shetland Sheepdog, a Poodle and three Golden Retrievers. All have earned multiple High in Trials and national tournament (Gaines/Cycle/Puperoni/World Series) wins and placements. Judges have awarded her 25 perfect scores on four different dogs. In 1997, the team of Terri Arnold and her Golden Retriever "Naughty" won the coveted "American Kennel Club Invitational," or as the network television news broadcasters reported "North America's most obedient dog is "Naughty!" But if you think Terri is one of those training-addicted competitors who dedicates all her non-teaching time to training her own dogs, you'd be wrong. Terri admits that too much training can be a bad thing, and much prefers to take long walks with her dogs in the woods.

Terri became involved in the sport of agility. In her own words," I can not believe that I have found another passion". So with great intensity, Terri began to learn about this wonderful sport and now has put a Master Agility Championship on both her agility dogs, Striker and Zap. Terri has qualified for for nationals two years in a row. The first year Terri and Zap placed second. and were seen on Animal Planet. This year Terri competed with two dogs. Terri and BC Striker won fourth place and once again, they appeared on animal planet.So with great joy, Terri is engrossed to learning as much as possible about this exciting sport of dog agility. Terri's students are burning up the agility rings with many wins and titles. Some of her students have also achieved the coveted "MACH Title! Once again, Terri is proving that her training methods work on all types of dogs!

Her Books
An accomplished author, Terri's three volume set "Steppin' Up to Success" reveals a lifetime of method evolution and development. Published in 1995 and intricate in design, it is considered a bible to many competitive trainers and is in constant demand. For those training alone, the books are an absolute necessity. Further development of her theories and methods have resulted in a new book, due to be published in late 1999. Additionally, Terri publishes an informative quarterly "Steppin' Update," which provides further insight on training problems and identifying solutions.

Her Work
For the past 15 years, Terri has presented seminars and workshops for beginner students through advanced dog trainers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Three and five-day camps are always sold-out events; many students return year after year for instruction and light-hearted comparative. While seminars and workshops have been geared towards obedience trainers and will continue to, last year Terri introduced a new seminar "Behavior and the Performance Dog." This seminar takes a step back from obedience and focuses on the core of Terri's long-standing philosophy - dogs absolutely delight in doing what they love - let's have them love what we do! By understanding how dogs interpret their world and honestly exploring our relationships with our dogs, ourselves and others, we can establish a firm foothold on the one thing most needed most when competing in any canine sport - a solid and rewarding relationship that glows with mutual respect and clear communication. "Behavior and the Performance Dog" has had a profound effect on audiences, often providing participants with the tears and courage to "break through" to this next step to personal excellence. Watch for these exciting seminars.

While over the years dog shows have changed, rules have been modified, and classes have been added, one thing remains constant - no amount of bribing or force to achieve any title or score can ever replace the feeling of having a fabulous relationship with your dog and exhibiting your best performance!

As Terri constantly reminds others - she once was a beginner and showed a Novice A dog! The only difference is the road she has traveled, the stops along way . . . and her ultimate destination.