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2005 promises to be a great year at Steppin'Up!


Terri and Zap make the finals at the 2006 AKC Nationals In Tampa, Fl !!!!


Terri & Zap New "MACH"!

Hey Guys..I did it! I crept my way to the MACH!


2005 Purina Increditable Dog Challenge!

Meg & Flame 2nd place in the Juniors division!

Way to go Meg!



Margaret Farone & Rosie New "MACH Title!

The Thrill of victory!



Terri & Striker Winning Fourth place at 2005 AKC Nationals in Tampa Fl! And for finishing their "MACH Title" in style!

I would like to thank all of my students and friends for placing the congratulatory ad in Clean Run! I appreciate this from the bottom of my heart!

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2004 #1 GSP!

An Extra Special Congratulations to Margaret Farone and CRK Total Eclipse JH MX MXJ " Rosie "

For the second year in a row this team is the #1 German Short Haired Pointer! 1,035 points and 15 DQ's

Margaret and Rosie we are all so proud of the both of you!


Norwegian Elkhound Minuteman Association Agility Trials June 4-5, 2005

Ski & Jamie Novice B Jumpers 2nd place!

Kathy Patregnani & Vinny Open Standard 2nd place!

Fran & Dilly Q Open Standard and New Title!

Jean & Blush Open Standard 1st place!

Pamela & Kirby Open Jumpers 1st Place!

Lynn & Shotsie Excellent B Standard 3rd place!

Karen & Molly Double Q Excellent B!

Terri & Striker Excellent B Standard 1st place!

Michelle & Gordan Double Q Excellent B!

Ashley & Topper Excellent B Standard 4th place!

Kathy Patregnani & Vinnie Excellent A Jumpers 16" 3rd place!

Kathy Patregnani & Perry Q Excellent A Jumpers 24" !

Mark & Zoey Excellent B Jumpers 2nd place!

Terri & Zap Excellent B Jumpers 1st place!

Paula & Rudie Open Standard and Open Jumpers 8" Double Q & 2nd place!

Kelsie & Taffy Open Standard 12" 2nd place!

Kathy Patregnani & Vinny Open Standard 16" 2nd place!

Darlene & Hannah Open Standard 16" 4th place!

Darlene & Hannah Open Jumpers 16" 1st place!

Karen & Annie Excellent A Standard 20"1st place!

Ski & Annie Excellent A 24" 1st place!

Cheryl & Taylor Excellent B Standard 8" 2nd place!

John & Casey Double Q Excellent B Standard 12" 2nd place, Excellent B Jumpers 1st place

Betty & Chaser Excellent B Standard 16" Q

Lynn & Christa Double Q and 4th place in Excellent B Standard!

Michelle & Gordon Excellent B Standard Q!

Maggie & Astro Double Q Excellent B!

Meg & Flame Excellent B Jumpers Q!



LEAP Agility Trials May 28-30, 2005

Terri & Zap 2 DQ"S two 2nd places and one third place!

Terri & Sonic Open Standard first and third places! New open title!

Terri & Striker First place EX B Standard!

Betty & Emmy 4th place open standard! 16"

John & Casey 2 1st places! DQ 2nd place Ex jumpers! 12"

Sue & Scuba 1st place Ex B Standard! 16"

Mark & Zoey 1st place Ex B Jumpers! 12"

Karen & Molly Q EX B Jumpers! 20"

Patty & Brooke 2nd place EX B Jumpers! 20"

Margaret & Rosie Q EX B Jumpers! 20"

Margaret & Toby Q Ex B Jumpers! 24"

Judy & Nickee 2nd place Open Standard! 20"

Betty & Chase Q Ex B Standard! 16"

Robin & Kaizer Q Ex B Standard! 16"

Jean & Gaze Q EX B Standard! 20"

Michelle & Gordon Q EX B Standard! 24"

Mike & Joy 1st place Ex A Standard! 20"

Robin & Kaizer Q in EX B Jumpers! 16"

Margaret & Rosie Q Ex B Jumpers! 20"

Maggie & Astro Q EX B Jumpers! 24"


Lab Club of Greater Boston May 21, 2005

Paula & Rudy 1st place Novice B and 1st place Open Jumpers! 8"

Paula & Casey 2nd place Novice B and 2nd place Open Jumpers! 8"

Darlene & Jazz 3rd place Nov B ST 16"

Darlene & Hannah Q Open St! 16"

Fran & Dilly 4th place Novice Jumpers and Q in Open Standard! 16"

Kin & Nate 2nd place Novice B Standard! 20"

Kin & Hannah 2nd place EX B Prefered! 16"

Karen & Annie Q in Open St! and 3rd Ex A Jumpers! 20"

Pam & Kirby 1st place Open St! 24"

Janet & Keen 3rd place open jumpers! 20"

Cheryl & Taylor DQ! 3rd place Ex B St! 4th place EX B Jumpers! 8"

Meg & Flame DQ! 4th place Ex B ST 12 "

Sue & Scuba DQ! 3rd place Ex B ST! 16"

Terri & Zap DQ! 2nd place EX B ST! and 4th place Ex B Jumpers! 20"

Lynn & shotshie DQ! 20"

Lynn & Christa DQ! 20"

Linda & Surfer Q EX B Jumpers!

Ski & Annie Q EX A Jumpers! 24"

Kris & Puzzle Q EX B Jumpers! 16"

Boots & Maggie 1st place Nov preferred! 12 "

Donna & Zap Q EX B Jumpers! 24"

Margaret & Rosie Q EX B Jumpers! 20"


Colonial Shetland Sheepdog Club May 22, 2005

Paula & Casey 1st place Novice B Standard! 8"

Darlene & Jazz 2nd place Novice B Standard! 16"

Kim & Nate 1st place Novice B Standard! 20"

Terri & Sonic 1st place Open Standard! 20"

Fran & Dilly 1st place Open Standard! 16"

Judy & Nickee Q in Open Standard! 20"

Janet & Keen 2nd place Ex A Standard! 20"

Janet & Keen 2nd Ex A Jumpers! 20"

Cheryl & Taylor DQ! 2nd place Ex B Standard! 8"

Lynn & Shotshie Q in Ex B Standard! 20"

Terri & Striker 1st Ex A Standard! 24"\

Betty & Chase Q Ex B Jumpers! 16"

Lynn & Christa Q Ex B Jumpers! 20"

Margaret & Rosie Q Ex B Jumpers! 20"

Boots & Maggie 1st place Novice Prefered! 12 "

Boots & Maggie 1st place Novice Jumprs Prefered! 12"

Mike & Heidi 1st place Ex B Prefered! 16"


NEAT Trial May 14th & 15th, 2005

Cati & Bella 2nd place Masters Standard!

Cati & Bella New Master's Standard Agility Title! SAM!

Cati & Flirt 6 runs with 5 Q's!

Cati & Flirt 2nd in Starters Pairs Relay, 3rd in Novice Standard!

Cati & Flirt 3rd in Starters Gamblers, Q in Starters jumpers and 4 Starters snookers!


TMAC Trial Westfield, MA May 7th & 8th, 2005

Terri & Striker 2 DQ's 4 first places! 24"

Terri & Sonic 1st place Open Jumpers! 20"

Terri & Zap Q in EX B Jumpers! 20"

Ski & Annie 1st place EX A Standard! 24"

Ski & Annie 2nd place EX A Jumpers! 24"

Linda & Surfer DQ! and a Q in Ex B Standard! 20"

Betty & Emmy 1st place Open Standard! 16"

Betty & Emmy 1st place Open Jumpes! New Title! 16"

Beth & Aspen 1st place Open Standard! New Title! 24"

Beth & Aspen 3rd place Open Jumpers! 24"

Pam & Kirby 1st place Open Jumpers! 24"

Jean & Blush 2nd place Open Jumpers! 20"

Jean & Fringe Q Ex Standard! 20

Karen & Annie 2nd place Ex A Standard! 20"

Meg & Flame 4th place Ex B Standard! 12"

Meg & Flame 2nd Ex B Jumpers! 12"

Lynn & Krista Q in Ex B Jumpers! 20"

Margaret & Rosie 2 DQ'S! 20"

Donna & Zap Q Ex B Standard! 24"

Lynn & Shotshie Q in Ex B Standard! 20"

Wow, What a great weekend we all had! Keep up the great work!


Scottish Terrier Trial April 30 & May 1st

Karen & Annie First OA leg! New OAJ Title!

Catie & Zip First place Ex A Jumpers! 12"

Catie & Flirt 2nd in Novice Standard and a 3rd and 4th place in Novice jumpers! 20"

Catie & Flirt new NAJ Title! 20"

Catie & Bella DQ! 4th place in EX B standard a 3rd and 4th place in Ex B jumpers! 20"

Catie & Jett DQ! 20"

Betty & Emmy 1st place Nov B jumpers ! 1st place Open Standard! 16"

Meg & Flame 2DQ's!! Ex B ST 2nd place! 12"

Mark & Zoey 1st place Ex A Jumpers! 12"

Cheryl & Taylor DQ! E 2 1st places x B jumpers! 2nd place Ex B Standard!

Paula & Casey 2nd place Open Standard! 8"

Paula & Rudy Novice B Jumpers 1st place New NAJ Title!!! 8"

Kris & Puzzle 2nd place Ex A Jumpers New AXJ Title!!! 16"

Kris & Puzzle 1st place Ex A Standard New AX Title!!! 16"

Michelle & Topper EX B DQ # 15!!!

Kim & Nate 3rd place Novice B Jumpers! 20"

Wish I was there to see all of you do so well! I am so proud!


Burlington, VT April 23 & 24, 2005

Terri & Striker 2 DQ's Ex St 2 second places, Ex JW second & third place! 24"

Terri & Zap 1 DQ, Ex St first place Ex JW first and second place! 20"

Terri & Sonic New NAJ Title two first places! 20 "

Fran & Dilly first leg Open Standard first place! 16"

Fran & Dilly 2nd leg Novice jumpers third place! 16"

Judy & Nickee Open Standard first leg second place! 20"

Sharon & Breaker New AX title first place Ex A! 20"

Cheryl & Taylor 2 DQ's 2nd place, third place, and two fouth places! 8"

Cati & Bella 1 DQ! 2nd place EX B ST 3rd place EX B Jumpers! 20"

Cati & Bella 4th place Ex B ST! 20"

Cati & Flirt Novice Standard 2nd place! 20"

Catie & Flirt Novice Jumpers a 3rd place! 20"


Goshen, Ct April 16th, 17th, 2005

Janet & Keene 2 first place Open Standard! New Open Title! 20"

Janet & Keene 1 first and 1 second place Open Jumpers! 20"

Janet & Keene first place Novice Jumpers and New Title! 20"

Beth & Aspen 2 first places Open Jumpers! 4th place Open Standard! 24"

Catie & Bella DQ with a Q and 3rd place in Ex B Jumpers! New MXJ Title! 20"

Catie & Bella Q Ex B St


Syracuse Cluster March 31, April 3, 2005

Terri & Sonic Novice Standard Title! two 1st places and one 4th place! 20"

Terri & Sonic First Novice Jumpers leg! 1st place! 20"

Terri & Zap Ex B Jumpers 1st place Ex B Jumpers 3rd place! 20"

Terri & Striker Ex B Standard 4th place! 24"

Ski & Annie Open Jumpers 1st and 3rd place! Open Title! 24"

Judy & Nickee Novice B Standard 3rd place New title! 20"

Judy & Nickee Novice B Jumpers 4th place New Title! 20"

Judy & Nickee Open Jumpers 4th place! 20"outstanding!!!!

Lynn & Christa Ex Standard 3rd place! 20"

Lynn & Christa New MX and MXJ titles! 4 Q's! 20"

Catie Williams & Bella DQ! Q in Ex Standard ! 20"

Catie Williams & Jett 2 DQ with a third in EX Standard! 20"

Catie Williams & Jett New MX & MXJ Titles! 20"

I am so proud of each and every accomplishment! I smile as I enter these results...keep up the great job!


Springfield Cluster : March 25th-27, 2005

Karen & Annie New NA Title! 20"

Karen & Annie second OAJ leg 1st place!

Sharon & Breaker New Open Jumpers Title 1st place! 20"

Sharon & Breaker fisrt Ex Jumpers leg, 2nd Ex Standard leg 4th place!

Beth & Aspen 2nd place Open Standard! 24"

Cheryl & Taylor New MXJ Title! 8"

Cheryl & Taylor 2 DQ's Ex B Standard 3rd and 4th place!

Cheryl & Taylor Ex B Jumpers 2nd and 4th place!

MaryEllen & Fox AXJ Title! 4th place! 24"

MaryEllen & Pumpkin AXJ Title! 3rd place 20"

Meg & Flame 1 DQ! 4th place Ex Standard! 44 "MACH points"!!!

John and Casey

Ski & Jamie Novice Standard leg! 24"

Ski & Annie Novice Jumpers 4th place! New Title! 24"

Ski and Annie Open Jumpers 3rd place! 24"

Betty & Chase MX Title!!! 16"

Betty & Emmy 2 legs 1st and 2nd place! 16"

Kelsie & Taffy Open Jumpers 1st place! 12"

Janet & Keene Novice A Standard 1st and 2nd place!

Janet & Keene Novice A Jumpers 1st place! 20"

Dick & Q 1st place Novice A Standard and Novice A jumpers! 20"

Kathy & Spenser 3rd MX leg! 24"

Lynn & Shotshi 4th MX leg! MXJ Title!!!! 20"

Pam Shattuck & Kirby first leg Open Jumpers first place!


All Dog's Gym March 26th & 27, 2005

Cati & Bella Q in Steeple Chase!

Cati & Bella 7th place Dam Team!


American Bullmastif Assoc

Cati and Jett DQ! and 3rd place in Standard 20"

Lynn Horrigan & Christa DQ!

Janet Harris Novice A Standard 2nd place

Janet & Keene Nov A Jumpers 1st place with a 18 second run!!!! First time in the ring!!!!!!! 20"

Kathy Joffe & Spenser Q in Ex Standard 24"