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It is with great saddness that I tell you we had to put Chase to sleep last night. My heart is heavy right now. Frank and I miss his presence already. Chase was such a force around the house. He never let his missing leg stop him from living life to the fullest. Chase was an inspiration to all who met him.

We have been blessed to have this wonderful dog in our lives. For those of you who do not know Chase, I will write about his life as soon as I can... Right now the hurt is deep and I need some time....


As of Feb, 2005

It is hard to beleive that so much time has passed. The last time I updated Chase's page was five years ago. I am thrilled to tell you that Chase is still here and is doing great! He is now almost nine years old. Can you imagine I was told he only had a year, I am glad that Chase did not hear this. He has beaten the cancer and is still running with the pack. He is as demanding as ever and does not know he has a missing leg. So often people do not even see it until someone points it out. I know we could all learn a lesson from this wonderful dog. Chase lives each day to the fullest and does not worry about tomorrow.

His face is now white but his spirit has not grown the least bit old. He still wants every toy, every treat, and all the attention. He comes to the agility trials when I take the RV and has a blast. He still views himself as the most special dog who ever lived, and I have to agree!