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Terri's Students Accomplishments


Terri’s students' accomplishment include

Terri’s students' accomplishment include:
* 23 OTCH titles!
* 5 Godsil Awards!
* Over 350 High in Trials!
* 32 "200" Scores!
* Over 70 Cycle/PUP-PERONI placements!
* Over 250 CD, CDX, UD, and UDX titles!
* Gaines Cycle Novice: seven Firsts and eleven other placements
* Gaines Cycle Open: five Firsts and six other placements
* Gaines Super Dog: two Firsts and eight other placements
* World Series Novice: one First and two other placements
* World Series Open: two Firsts and two other placements
* World Series Top Dog: two placements
See Terri's past and present students at the Gaines/Cycle/Pup-peroni Tournaments


List of Accomplishment

Obedience Trial Champions

Utility Dog Titles

Utility Dog Excellent Titles

200 Scores

High in Trial Awards

High Combined Awards


Gaines/Cycle/Pup-Peroni Tournament 

* Super Dog Placements
* Utility Placements 
* Open Placements 
* Novice Placements 
* Godsil Awards

* Group Photos of Tournaments

World Series Tournament 

* Top Dog Placements 
* Open Placements 
* Novice Placements

AKC Invitational

If you are a student and would like to add an update to our list, please email us with the information.

Terri’s method of training has proven successful with dozens of breeds representing all seven groups. Some of the breeds trained with Terri’s methods that have earned High in Trials or Obedience Trial Champion titles include (in alphabetical order):

* Belgian Tervuren
* Bernese Mountain Dogs
* Bloodhounds
* Border Collies
* Doberman Pinscher
* German Shepherd Dogs
* German Shorthaired Pointers
* German Wirehaired Pointers
* Golden Retrievers
* Irish Setters
* Labrador Retrievers
* Maltese
* Miniature Poodles
* Newfoundlands
* Old English Sheepdogs
* Pembroke Welsh Corgis
* Rhodesian Ridgebacks
* Rottweilers
* Shetland Sheepdogs
* Smooth Collies
* Standard Poodles