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2005 promises to be another great year at Steppin"Up


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January 01, 2004 to December 31, 2004

Top Ten All Breed

  • Sporting Group — Golden Retriever

  • # 2. Evergreen's Summer In The Mountains TDX OA OAJ.....M Paulding/R Paulding: 220.0 points!
  • Congratulations!!!!
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Betsy and Neo earned a perfect score of 200 in the "Utility B" Class on Sun June 4, 2005! This team is on their way to their "OTCH Title"! Betsy, to say I am proud of the both of you is an understatement! Congratulations!


New "OTCH"!

Patty Salzwedel & Kandee finished their "OTCH" Title in style with a "HIT"! and a "High Combined" Award at the ESSFTA National Speciality held in Ohio!

Patty Salzwedel and Brooke also won "HIT" at this speciality as well with a score of 199! It was their first time in the obedience ring!

Patty, I could not be more proud of the three of you!

( photo's coming soon!)


Ann Scripko & Ricki UD Title

Sharon Pica and Breaker "200" 2nd leg Open!

Judy Linker & Oliver 2nd UD leg!

Sandy Madden & Cadie new UD Title!

Elliot Kaplan & Wrigley new CD Title!

Karen Kennedy & Cinder New CD Title!

Kris Thober & Booker New CD Title!


Berk's Dog Training Club in PA

Ann & Ricki "UDX leg" Number 3!

Ann & Seeker Rally novice leg!

Allentown Dog Training Club

Ann & Seeker Rally Novice leg!

White River Golden Retriever Trial May 15, 2005

Zel Corkern & Mike 1st place Novice B score 198.5 "HIT"!

Zel Corkern & Shaq 1st place Open B score 198!


St Huberts Obedience Trial May 15, 2005

Elaine Reid & Grace 1st place Open B score 199 "HIT"! UDX leg!

Elaine Reid & Glory 1st place Novice B 195.5!


Herritage Trail Keeshond Club Speciatity April 30. 2005

Fran & Cammie 1st place Veterans obedience!

Fran & Cammie First Novice Rally leg and third place!


Columbia All Breed Terrier Trial

Judy Linker & Oliver First place Utility A score 194!


Casco Bay

Elaine Reid & Glory first place Novice B!

Kris Thober & Booker Nov B first place!


Syracuse Cluster

Sandy Madden 3rd leg fourth place Utility A!

Elliot Kaplan & Wrigley Nov B fourth place!


New England Dog Training Club

Elaine Reid & Glory 1st place Nov B score 199!


Charles River Dog Training Club!

Sharon Pica and "Breaker" third leg CDX Title! Open B 4th place

Elliot Kaplan and "Wrigley" First place Nov B first leg! 197.5

Zel Cockern and "Mike" second place Nov B! 196

Karen Kennedy and "Cinder" Novice B! 194.5