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2003 Beginner Camp



Here are some quotes from past participants and observers:

  • "Thank you for sharing your knowledge & experience! You are great!" Anita Gaeta
  • "Terri, What a blessing you are to the sport of dog obedience." Jeanie LaTourette
  • "Like No One Else!" Teri Desrosiers
  • "Terri, Attention is not for sale! Thank Goodness your ideas are!" Marcia Richley
  • "Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn from the best; your knowledge and wisdom are invaluable." Debbie Legg
  • "I loved it,Terri, You've given me lots of tools for a new and exciting relationship!" Mary Jo DeBrosse
  • "Terri, Thank you for helping me remember things I shouldn't have ever forgotten." Eloise Chrobak
  • "Thank you, Terri, for giving us the foundation for a great lifelong relationship." Mureen Burke
  • "Words can never express my heartfelt thanks for all you have given me." Janet Gomez
  • "Terri, you have opened my eyes, I can't wait to see what the future holds." Emily Brundige
  • "How fascinating that dogs of all ages and levels of accomplishment need these Beginner Camp skills. I am excited about trying all of this with both my puppy and my utility dog." Jenny Dickinson
  • "Terri, Thank you for the tools and the motivation to put them to work." Joann Smith
  • "Terri, if I were a dog, I would want to be your dog. I think you are the only one who truly understands them. It's been a Great Week!" Elaine Thomas
  • "Superb! Going Home with lots and lots to remember and teach the dogs!" Jane Harding
  • "Terri, My dog, Timber, thanks you for making 'Mom' better." Terri Hanlon
  • "Terri, Thank you for some tools to work with at home." Donna Johnson
  • "Terri, You are a true gift to dogs and their owners. Anyone who owns a dog should be required to attend your Beginners Camp. Thank you." Joanne Fratrich
  • "Terri, I'll be back next year with Show Dog and if I don't get back, I will always carry so much in my heart…" Jean Chambers
  • "Thank you so much. You are a lifesaver. If I had never come to you, Dawson would be a nightmare! Thanks again, Terri." Katie Frank
  • "Terri, this is my first dog and I have so much wanted to develop a relationship with her. Now I have the tools to develop this into a very special relationship. Thank you." Margaret Every
  • "Relationship, relationship, relationship… beyond the desire for perfect scores; at the end of the day, at the middle of the day, and at the start of the day, you have supported and reinforced my desire to have a wonderful relationship with my dogs. Thank you!" Leslie Zelamsky


For more information, contact Terri at steppinup@terriarnold.com or call (508) 763-4843.


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