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2003 Advanced Camp



Here are some quotes from past participants and observers:

  • "Terri, The week at Advanced Camp was enlightening; an experience, an eye opener, and a Howl!"
  • "Terri, As always, the learnings at Camp were brilliant. Your insights are extraordinary."
  • "Terri, What a wonderful camp. The brightness in her eyes and the sound of her bark say it all." "Terri, Thanks for the wonderful information & for helping me build a relationship with my dog."
  • "Thank you so much for teaching us how to truly be aware of ourselves and our dogs in life."
  • "Terri, You overall psychology, honesty, and sincerity about dogs is outstanding."
  • "Terri, My gratitude is deeper than you could ever know. Believe in yourself."
  • "Another wonderful week of learning. Thank you for helping us with our life issues." "Terri, Thank you so much for giving me the key to my dog. I will always be grateful."
  • "Terri, For opening the door to understanding, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
  • "Above and beyond all my expectations! Terri, you are awesome and thank you."
  • "Terri, Your understanding of behavior & training is so dimensional. Thanks again."
  • "Knowing you has permanently changed my life as well as that of my dogs!"
  • "Thank you, Terri for once again letting us into your world!"





Francoise Adam

Nancy Aldrich

Elizabeth Baribault

Judi Blumenthal

Fran Boyle

Kathy Braun

Susan Bricker

Sheila Brunies

Zel Corkern

Carol Dutcavich

Maryann Fabian

Lise Hargrave

Ellyn Hill

Erny Isabelle


Karen Kennedy

Gene Lopez

Chris Macchione

Lyn O'Donnell

Beth Schmidt

For more information, contact Terri at steppinup@terriarnold.com or call (508) 763-4843.


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