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2003 OTCH Camp



Here are some quotes from past participants and observers:

  • "Terri, Wow! Another exceptional camp! I just feel badly for you-you have given us the pieces so many times & we still need you to keep at us! I promise I will be more prepared for my training sessions so I can train correctly and remember to be "light & happy". Thank you so much." 
  • "Terri, Thanks much for another wonderful camp! I promise to remember the things I learned." 
  • "Terri, Thank you so much for all that you have done for the sport of Obedience! We promise to continue to grow." 
  • "Terri, Thank you. Each camp I am able to understand more and more." 
  • "Terri, thank you for your time and patience. I hope we didn't make you too crazy!"
  • "Thank you, Terri. It was again another really enlightening experience! I now understand how difficult Utility can be and important it is to have a loose leash." 
  • "Terri, Thanks once again for a great camp. Our bodies have not caught up with our minds yet, but we are getting it!" 
  • "Terri, I know we had you wanting to tear your hair out, but we really will get it! Thank you for a very valuable camp-it took us beyond just learning what to do and on to understanding! Thanks." 
  • "Terri, Thank you so much for helping me to get the right dog. You helped me w/ my retrieves last year and it has come so far. And this year you helped me w/my gloves. Don't worry we'll be better next year, And now I don't have a defensive dog anymore!" 
  • "Terri, Thank you for your patience and for trying so hard to make us right. I promise that sooner or later we'll get it before you go crazy." 
  • "Terri, Thank you for an outstanding camp. It's all in the details! I promise to be more playful and attentive-my dogs love it & I love the results! You're the best!"
  • "Terri, thanks again for another great camp. This week has been very valuable. I will get my body to do what my mind knows. I promise I will never train the wrong dog again. I will always start w/ a bright, happy, playful dog Thank you for giving us so much or your time and patience. We will get it, we promise." 
  • "Terri, thank you for a great camp and for giving me the pieces I was missing: stay connected not only physically, but mentally! Don't worry, we get it. It's in the brain, I just need to apply it." 
  • "Terri, Thank you again so much for giving us sooo much. I appreciate being pushed out of my comfort zone so that I can reach the highest peak of my ability!"


The Participants:

  • Ann Scripko
  • Regina Steiner
  • Terry Walker
  • Betsy Scapicchio
  • Fran Boyle
  • Joan Jennerjahn
  • Zel Corkern
  • Jane Bronson
  • Dawn Wessels
  • Lindsey Scapicchio
  • Kathy Walker
  • Jane Gizzi
  • Debbie Lazaro
  • Linda Brennan
  • Carolyn Fuhrer

For more information, contact Terri at steppinup@terriarnold.com or call (508) 763-4843.


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